5.8.14-RELEASE: Finalizing XP 5.8

at 2013-05-17 in Releases5.8-SERIES by friebe

The XP group is proud to announce the immediate availability of XP Framework, version 5.8.14. This is the last planned release on the xp5_8 branch

It includes only two minor changes, a quickfix for issue #302 (Exception when not specifying a context class) and a changed to the REST routing mechanism to allow any character in path segments (see pull request #288).

  $ cd ~/xp
$ wget http://xp-framework.net/setup/5.8.14 -O - | php -- -d ~/bin/

5.9.0-RELEASE: PHP Namespaces adoption, core&contrib separation, PHP 5.5 Support

at 2013-05-05 in ReleasesPHP5Announcements5.9-SERIES5.8-SERIESHomepage by friebe

After three public release candidates (and 6 more private ones) and more than a year of development, the XP group is proud to announce the availability of XP Framework, 5.9.0-RELEASE.

The biggest changes over the 5.8-SERIES are the support for PHP namespaces (and with it the bump in the minimum required PHP version to 5.3.0) and the separation of the XP Framework's core release cycle from that of its contributed modules (such as Stomp connectivity, Google Search APIs, but also the XP Compiler), and runtime compatibility for PHP 5.5.0. On top, we're also including a long list of bugfixes and improvements, like the ability to handle multiple file uploads, pattern argument matching for the Mocking Framework, a REST file downloads API, and support for ".php" files inside .pth-files (think: vendor/example/Autoloader.php).

A word of caution: This release is not by all means backwards-compatible with the 5.8-SERIES! While generally we try to avoid this, from time to time it becomes necessary to introduce these changes. Please make sure you read through the Heads up section in the 5.9.0 ChangeLog!

Go get it:

  $ cd ~/xp
$ wget 'http://xp-framework.net/setup/5.9.0' -O - | php -- -d ~/bin/
Requires: Any PHP version between 5.3.0 and 5.5.0


RegexFilter deprecated

at 2013-04-14 in Announcements5.8-SERIES by friebe

With the recent 5.8.13 release, the io.collections.iterate.RegexFilter class has become deprecated. The replacement class is UriMatchesFilter inside the same package which - except for the name - exposes the same API. The reason for this deprecation was the ill-chosen class name: Whereas all the IterationFilter implementations are named after the pattern What-the-filter-applies-toFilter, this one was named using What-the-filter-uses-to-applyFilter.

The three big problems in computer science: Naming and off-by-one errors:-)

5.8.13-RELEASE: TDS, seekable result sets, REST finishing

at 2013-04-13 in ReleasesPHP5DatabasesAnnouncements5.8-SERIES by friebe

The XP group is proud to announce the immediate availability of the XP Framework release 5.8.13. This release's highlights are:

  • Various bugfixes to the TDS protocol implementation (MSSQL, Sybase) to support variants and Unicode nvarchar types correctly.
  • Seeking support in our userland database drivers' buffered result sets (mssql+x, sybase+x, mysql+x)
  • Serialization support for lang.types wrapper types in REST serializer
  • Access to marshalling and mapping facilities in REST context

This release also contains a workaround for the behaviour changes introduced into PHP in the course of fixing PHP Bug 64370, which has been released by the PHP group in both PHP 5.4.14 and PHP 5.3.24. The details are explained here.

You can grab a release as follows:
  $ cd ~/xp
$ wget http://xp-framework.net/setup/5.8.13 -O - | php -- -d ~/bin/

Supports all PHP versions between PHP 5.2.10 - PHP 5.4.14.

5.8.12-RELEASE: REST API features, logging, bugfixes

at 2013-03-18 in ReleasesAnnouncements5.8-SERIES by friebe

After three release candidates, the XP Framework group is proud to announce the availability of XP Framework, 5.8.12 release. This 5.8-SERIES release brings enhancements to the REST API and a log context implementation, fixes bugs with PHP 5.3.3 and makes the REST type marshalling and unmarshalling infrastructure more flexible.

The complete changelog can be found here.

Grab the release, as always:

  $ cd ~/xp
$ wget http://releases.xp-framework.net/setup/5.8.12 -O - | php -- -d ~/bin

5.8.12, release candidate 3

at 2013-03-08 in 5.8-SERIESAnnouncementsReleases by friebe

The third release candidate for the upcoming release on the XP Framework's 5.8-SERIES contains two breaking changes to the REST API's type handling:

While starting to migrate over real-life tools to the new REST API, we started noticing "WTF" moments, which we then weighed up against the BC breaks our solutions imposed, and the possibility people were already using the type marshalling facilities. Our decision was to go with the backwards incompatible changes, and this leads us to RC3.

Grab the release, as always:
  $ cd ~/xp
$ wget http://releases.xp-framework.net/setup/5.8.12RC3 -O - | php -- -d ~/bin

5.8.12, release candidate 2

at 2013-03-06 in ReleasesPHP55.8-SERIES by friebe

The second release candidate for XP 5.8.12 contains a fix for PHP 5.3.3 failing missing methods test. This PHP version is the only of the PHP 5.3 series containing a bug (which was actually a bug fix, see PHP Bug 51176) in which __callStatic() was invoked for the parent::method() notation instead of __call(), even for non-static methods. We've added a workaround for this to make all PHP 5.3 versions behave the same. Because this change affects the lang.Object class and is currently not guarded by a version_compare() (but tries to address this generically), we didn't go for an immediate final release but are instead pushing this release candidate and delaying 5.8.12 for a short while.

Here's the install command, as always:

  $ cd ~/xp
$ wget http://releases.xp-framework.net/setup/5.8.12RC2 -O - | php -- -d ~/bin

5.8.12, release candidate 1

at 2013-03-04 in ReleasesAnnouncements5.8-SERIES by friebe

Although we're investing most of our work now into the 5.9-SERIES and its upcoming first release, 5.9.0, we also take care of our xp5_8 branch and backport features and bugfixes. Today, we're proud to announce the first RC for 5.8.12.

This release candidate includes:

Installation goes, as always:
  $ cd ~/xp
$ wget http://releases.xp-framework.net/setup/5.8.12RC1 -O - | php -- -d ~/bin

5.8.11-RELEASE: Images, I/O, resources and FC

at 2013-01-30 in ReleasesAnnouncements5.8-SERIES by friebe

The XP group is proud to announce the immediate availability of the XP Framework version's release 5.8.11. This release has not been so focused as 5.8.10 (with the new REST API) but instead includes a variety of new features:

A detailed changelog can be found here.

Go get it:
  $ cd ~/xp
$ wget http://releases.xp-framework.net/setup/5.8.11 -O - | php -- -d ~/bin/



at 2013-01-03 in ReleasesAnnouncements5.8-SERIES by friebe

The XP group is proud to announce the immediate availability of the XP Framework version's release 5.8.10. In addition to the features in RC3 (previously announced here) this release contains:

  • Access to response headers in REST client via RestResponse::headers() and RestResponse::header() methods
  • Nicer string representations of REST client, request and response instances
  • A fix to the RestRequest::setPayload() method which wasn't setting the payload correctly
  • A fix to the REST serialization mechanism which was also handling static members
  • The use of ISO 8601 as default date format (e.g. "2004-02-12T15:19:21+00:00")
  • Support for directories and filenames as arguments for the command line reflection, xp -r
A detailed changelog can be found here.

Go get it:
  $ cd ~/xp
$ wget http://releases.xp-framework.net/setup/5.8.10 -O - | php -- -d ~/bin/



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